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Excited Children in Science Class




Making an impact,

one project at a time.


With every project, we aim to address cultural barriers to innovation. Here are some of our project focus areas that are having a positive impact on society.


Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and Culture (Stem-C)

Innovation is optimized by offering services and products that will provide and incorporate culture anthropology education across the continuum of human development.


We offer informal cultural and innovation education experiences with originality, authenticity, and sincerity. By making regular outreach experiences available, we can have the broadest possible reach throughout society.

Community Engagement

Workforce Development

We live in a global society and work in global workplaces – enabled by science & technology outcomes – which mean jobs of today and the future require a technical background that is coupled with social, creative, and critical-thinking skills. Workforce development efforts are especially aligned with assisting entrepreneurs and business leaders working to create innovative and diverse workplaces.

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